B1 Preliminary Exams in Malaysia

A2 Key Exams in Malaysia


In Malaysia, the A2 Key examination is an elementary-level exam that tests your ability to deal with basic written and spoken communications. A2 Key is the right exam for you if the following criteria apply to you:
  • Your first language is not English.
  • You have basic English skills.
  • You can understand simple written English.
  • You can communicate in familiar situations.
  • You can understand short notices and simple spoken directions.

Exam Components

A2 Key Exam has three papers – Reading and Writing, Listening, and Speaking. The Reading and Writing paper contributes 50% of the total marks, and the Listening and Speaking papers each contribute 25%.

Reading and Writing (Paper 1)

1 hour 10 minutes The tasks focus on a number of short texts, including signs, brochures, newspapers and magazines. Candidates are assessed on their ability to use a variety of reading strategies to understand the general meaning and to identify appropriate vocabulary, response and words. In addition, candidates have to fill gaps in simple texts, complete a form and write a short note of about 25 words to communicate a given message.

Listening (Paper 2)

approximately 30 minutes Candidates will need to demonstrate their ability to understand and identify information from a number of recorded texts spoken at a reasonably slow pace, including public announcements, short dialogues, longer conversations and one factual monologue.

Speaking (Paper 3)

up to 10 minutes Candidates are normally tested in pairs by two locally-based examiners on their ability to interact face-to-face with one of the examiners. They are also assessed on their ability to converse with each other in English, using prompts to ask and answer simple questions of a personal and non-personal nature.

B1 Preliminary Exams in Malaysia