Emergency Response Team Malaysia

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Emergency Response Team Malaysia

Emergency Response Team Malaysia

SPZ Security Sdn Bhd was established in the year 2011 with a focus to protect and secure business and facilities with integrity. We are one of the top security guard company Malaysia specializing in security and guarding services and security management. We have substantially enhanced our expertise combining our experience with risk analysis, integrity and technology in delivering exceptional security services. Here at  SPZ, we greatly emphasize on creating a safe a secure environment for our clients to enable them to fully focus on their core business. Throughout the years, SPZ Security has garnered profound experience and respect by providing exceptional security services across Malaysia. With such expertise and reputation, SPZ Security has successfully expanded their skills to provide an extensive variety of security services to suit the client’s requirement. SPZ Security provides Emergency Response Team (ERT) Malaysia services. This service is an in-house squad institute by the organization to deal with an emergency situation which happens or may happen in its premise. An ERT is thus a special team that responds to emergencies to ensure proper personnel evacuation and safety, shut down building services and utilities, work with responding civil authorities, protect and salvage property, and evaluate areas for safety prior to re-entry. Our services include:      


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