Fibreglass Manufacturer in Malaysia

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FRP TRADING SDN BHD, one of the furniture supplier in Malaysia was established and incorporated in Malaysia since January 2003 and has long been in the fibreglass industry. Throughout the years in the industry, the company and its workforce has always been a customer focus entity ensuring the right supply and timely delivery of product to the customer. FRP Trading Sdn Bhd is also one of the fibreglass manufacturer in Malaysia. Offering range of quality products by fibreglass manufacturer in Malaysia.  By providing alternative fibreglass solutions and formulating cost down ideas in the world of fibreglass technology. Quality has always been the key focus area within FRP and had cultivated a sense of importance to make it right the first time and “Check and Double-Check” attitude to ensure the right supply of product to customer. With such an attitude from the management and it’s highly appreciated workforce, the company has advanced and reached a maturity state to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. FRP is also one of the cafe furniture supplier Malaysia and dining table supplier malaysia which providing affordable , stylish cafe furniture, modern and cool design dining table in Malaysia. Apart from the attitude of its workforce, FRP takes high priority in its team’s performance in order to keep up with today’s customer demands. To achieve this, the company continue to improve its workforce skill and quality by working closely with customer to suit to their needs. Over the years in the industry, by the workforce in the company has gained fruitful knowledge and learned new ways to overcome obstacles.
Fibreglass Manufacturer in Malaysia


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