Paint Testing Malaysia

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Paint Testing Malaysia

Obsnap provides various types of paint testing instruments in Malaysia such as digital coating thickness gauges, colour meters, paint strength testers, and viscometers.

Among the paint strength testers, we have Abraser Testers – Taber Abraser, Taber Crockmeter, and Sand Abrasion. We also have Adhesion Testers and Bending/Impact/Cupping Testers. Different type of instruments have different uses.

One of the instrument, Taber Crockmeter, provides a quick and accurate method to determine the amount of colour that is transferred by rubbing textile materials to other surfaces. Taber Crockmeter uses a standard pressure and rubbing motion to provide reliable and reproducible test results.

Besides paint testing instrument, we also provide Environment Inspection, Electrical Inspection, Data Acquisition, Water/Liquid Analysis Instruments, and so on. We provide various types of instruments and machines for industry uses.

Other services include:

  1. Calibration Services Malaysia
  2. Material Testing Malaysia
  3. Vibration and Environmental Chamber
  4. Laboratory Scientific Equipment Malaysia
  5. Optical Emission Spectrometer Malaysia


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