Professional Catering Services

Professional catering service of Baiduri Jasamas

Professional Catering Services

Baiduri Jasamas Sdn. Bhd provides professional catering services, which is one of the best in Malaysia. The company was incorporated in Kementerian Kewangan, Malaysia on November 11, 2011. Baiduri Jasamas is a professional catering service management provider dedicated to providing customers with innovative, high-quality, and healthy food and impeccable service.

We work closely with food operators and serve from small parties to large hotels. Baiduri Jasamas’s team can cope with all aspects of services, and with strong resources and systems as the backing, provide excellent products and customer services, so as to provide the most professional catering services in the market.

However, we are led by a team of experienced managers in relevant industries to provide human administration and operation management. Baiduri Jasamas Sdn. Bhd also set up various welfare work for employees, including career, access to training and capacity-building, opportunity preparation, and action opportunities. In this way, employees can have a sense of participation, so that they can always maintain high efficiency and have confidence in the future development of the company.

Our Services Include: