Rubber Rheometer

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Rubber Rheometer

Rubber Rheometer by Victor Testing Machine

Rubber Rheometer

Victor Testing Machine has a complete line of Rubber Rheometer for determining rubber vulcanization index. Measure the rubber anti-shear torque with the sample at a particular temperature and pressure, the rotor at a certain degree of rotation torque on the sample at a certain degree of shear stress. Is reclaimed rubber, rubber, wire and cable industry indispensable instrument.

Victor Testing Machine’s Rubber Rheometer is a laboratory instrument for determining the viscoelastic characteristics of rubber compounds during the vulcanization process.

Furthermore, the Rubber Rheometer is also used to control the quality of rubber processing industry, the rapid test and Rubber basic research is one of the most widely used instruments, and it provides accurate data for the rubber to optimise the formulation combination, can accurately measure the scorch time is rheometer time curing index and the maximum, minimum torque and other parameters. Thus, Rubber Rheometer by Victor Testing Machine is a perfect machine for testing and you have to equip for future needs.

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