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Stem Cell

Lipoinjection can be used to treat facial changes associated with aging and to correct various types of depressed deformities such as hemifacial microsomia and pectus excavatum. It also has been used in breast augmentation by a limited number of plastic surgeons, although the use of autologous fat for breast augmentation has been controversial. Consensus is lacking on whether lipoinjection is safe and appropriate because of microcalcifications that may cause confusion in the evaluation of mammograms. Recently, autologous fat injection has been reevaluated as a potential alternative to artificial implants for breast augmentation. And this bring unpredictability and a low rate of graft survival due to partial neurosis.
To overcome the problems associated with autologous fat transfer, we use a novel strategy known as cell-assisted lipotransfer (CAL). Findings have shown that tissue-specific progenitor cells in the adipose tissue have the capacity to differentiate into various cell lineages. Thus, the progenitors, currently known as adipose-derived stem/stromal cells (ASCs), are expected to become a valuable tool in a wide range of cell-based therapies. We found that aspirated fat has approximately half the number of ASCs found in excised whole fat. There are two main reasons for this relative deficiency:
  • A major portion of the ASCs is located around large vessels and left in the donor site after liposuction
  • A part of the ASCs is released into the fluid portion of liposuction aspirates
CAL treatment is effective and safe for soft tissue augmentation and superior to conventional lipoinjection.


Aging is a process that accumulates various changes in cells and tissues, that could be responsible for increasing the risk of diseases and death. Aging Symptoms: Poor cellular regeneration, Poor repair mechanism, Poor organelle function, Weak immune system, Give way to infections, Increase organ failure, Increase rate of cancer, Anemia Benefit of Niscell:*
  • Disease free life
  • Maintain hormone balance
  • Restore the metabolic action
  • Restore functional organs
  • Restore energy


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