Tensile Machine Malaysia

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Tensile Machine Malaysia

Tensile Machine Malaysia by Victor Testing Malaysia

Tensile Machine Malaysia

Victor Testing Machine offers Tensile Machine Malaysia. This is recommended for manufacturers and engineers whom do not have the purchase capability for new equipment needed to accomplish the test procedures at the moment. 

In Tensile Machine Malaysia, its provides you with VEW 220E desktop computer servo testing machine. It is a novel material testing equipment that combines electronic technology and mechanical transmission to provide precise load speed, force measurement range, and load, displacement measurement, and control with high precision and sensitivity. This series of machines has a single-space structure with the operational space at the bottom, and it is primarily used to test non-metallic and metallic materials with loads less than 1kN. It includes parameters such as stress, strain, control mode of displacement, calculated max force, tensile strength, bending strength, compressive strength, elastic modulus, rate of elongation, yield strength, and others.

 The VEW 220E under the Tensile Machine Malaysia can be applied to test lots of materials in tension, compression, tear, peel and other mechanical test, such as rubber, tires, belt, shoes, plastic, film, acrylic, tapes etc. Victor Testing Machine believes that Tensile Machine Malaysia is the basic equipment for quality management and physical tested.

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