The Best 5 OEM/ODM Factory Malaysia

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The factories in Malaysia known as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) are businesses that produce goods for other businesses to sell under their own brands.

While an ODM factory in Malaysia designs and manufactures items that are subsequently sold to multiple firms to be branded and sold under their own names, an OEM factory in Malaysia creates products that are specially created and branded for a certain company.

With the ability to outsource the production of specific products so that businesses can concentrate on other aspects of their operations, OEM and ODM factories in Malaysia play significant roles in the global manufacturing sector.


How has the OEM/ODM manufacturing industry in Malaysia evolved over the years?

Malaysia’s OEM/ODM manufacturing sector has developed dramatically over the years, and the nation is now an important player in the worldwide manufacturing market. Malaysia used to be predominantly recognised for producing labor-intensive, low-tech goods like textiles and electronics. Nevertheless, the nation has steadily climbed the value chain and is now producing a larger range of goods, including high-tech and expensive goods. As a result, Malaysia has drawn a large number of global corporations eager to benefit from its highly qualified workforce and advantageous business environment. The government has also contributed to the expansion of the OEM/ODM industry by putting money into infrastructure and offering firms numerous incentives.


What types of products are commonly produced in OEM/ODM factories in Malaysia?

Malaysian OEM/ODM factories create a wide range of commodities, including consumer goods, medical equipment, electronics, textiles, and apparel. Malaysia is renowned for producing high-quality electronics, and it is a significant producer of computers, smartphones, and other electronic products. The country produces a variety of apparel and textile goods for both home and foreign markets, making the textile industry an essential component of Malaysia’s industrial sector. Malaysia is also a significant manufacturer of consumer goods such cosmetics, food, and beverage items, and home furnishings. The manufacturing industry in Malaysia is also significantly influenced by the car and medical device industries.


List of The Best 5 OEM/ODM Factory Malaysia

Company NameDescriptionContact NumberURL
Flextronics InternationalA multinational electronics manufacturing company with a production facility in Penang, Malaysia.03-2770 2791
Jabil CircuitA global electronics manufacturing company with a production facility in Penang, Malaysia.04-643 6660
MMcosmeticMMcosmetic is the leading ODM/OEM firm in Malaysia, driving the constantly expanding beauty and wellness sector by offering the top products to the most important clients.05-357 2800
CelesticaA global electronics manufacturing company with a production facility in Penang, Malaysia.04-409 3888
Osram Opto Semiconductors MalaysiaA manufacturer of optoelectronic components and systems with a production facility in Penang, Malaysia.04-643 4404


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