The Best 5 SMS Marketing Platforms in Malaysia.

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Communication is the number 1 key to nurturing your customers and leads and keeping them loyal to the company. However, manually sending out SMS to all your customers is practically impossible, which is why your business needs an SMS marketing software. The better way to reach out to the customers than landing directly into their inbox.




Sender is essentially an email marketing platform with a fantastic set of tools for flawless SMS marketing. The primary aim of this tool is to help entrepreneur communicate better with the clients at a much more affordable price. The software is pretty straightforward to get started with and also offers free SMS credit in premium plans.

It has been noticed that SMS has higher response and click-through rates. Sender helps entrepreneur take advantage of these numbers to reposition entrepreneur marketing efforts into a less noisy channel. The best features in Sender are the Toll-free Number, Engaging Notifications, Personalized Messages and Precise Segmentation.




TextMagic is a dedicated SMS marketing automation software that helps entrepreneur get the message across without breaking a sweat. The best thing about TextMagic is that it offers adequate diversity in its SMS marketing plan. For instance, entrepreneur can choose to send out no-reply messages or allow the customers to reply and strike a conversation.

TextMagic can simply send out messages from the software or recirculate important emails to the SMS subscribers. Whatever needs that entrepreneur have as a business, TextMagic has a solution for that. The best features in TextMagic are the Bulk Messaging, SMS Scheduler, Email-to-SMS and Easy Opt-out.




Sometimes all entrepreneur may be looking for in the business is a simple SMS service with no calls, no emails, just an effective SMS marketing. For simple and straightforward SMS marketing that gets most the desired result, SimpleTexting agency is the solutions.

It is an all-one-one text messaging application designed for businesses to be in constant touch with their customers without fighting for attention in their overflowing email inboxes. The best features in SimpleTexting are the Approved Toll-free Texting, Schedule Messages, Contact Import and 2-way Communication.




Most people have tons of business responsibilities to look after, they might not want to comply with every single process, especially when it comes to customer communication. SalesMessage can provides a simple, beginner-friendly tool to establish uninterrupted communication between the brand and customers.

Available with a simple, user-friendly dashboard, SalesMessage is the simplest way to manage messages and calls on behalf of the company. Trusted by some of the best brands in the world and assisted onboarding will keep best interest protected. The best features in SalesMessage are the Company Phone Number, Auto-reply, Shared Inbox and Merge Fields.




SlickTest is one of the most powerful and trusted brands in the SMS marketing industry. More than 15000 brands trust this tool with SMS marketing responsibilities, including global leaders such as Canon, Samsung and HelloFresh. SlickTest aim is to empower all its users through smart SMS services.

All the features available with this tool not only help you communicate better but also pave the way for building long-term relationships that lead to better revenue growth. The best features in SlickTest are the Multiple Opt-ins, Short Codes, Landline Texting and Autoresponder.


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