Fast Drying Primer Malaysia

The Fastest Drying Primer Malaysia paint

Fast Drying Primer Malaysia

Korea Chemical Co., Ltd., also known as KCC, is the manufacturer of Fast Drying Primer Malaysia. With a major role to play in shaping the industry, KCC Corporation has been at the forefront of technological innovation with businesses in paints and coatings, building materials, silicone, and more. At KCC Paint Malaysia, we provide a range of products that meet the stringent requirements of environmentally-friendly labels such as the Singapore Green Label, SIRIM Eco-Label, and Malaysian Standards (MS), as well as International Standards. The Fast Drying Primer Malaysia in KCC Paint collections is the Organic Primes, Korepox EP 118.

Korepox EP 118 is a versatile, fast-drying primer with excellent penetrating properties when coated over concrete surfaces. It provides excellent sealing and promotes a strong adhesion between the concrete substrate and the subsequent coating. It meets the requirements of ASTM C309 Type 1 for Moisture Retention of Concrete.

We are responsible for the manufacturing, development, distribution, and sales of various paints and coatings, with key business areas in decorative paints, architectural finishes, marine, and protective coatings, polymeric floor systems, and functional coatings.

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