The Top 3 Event Marketing Company in Malaysia.

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The cost for hosting marketing, family parties, corporate parties, trade shows, workshops, and conferences. This is because they all require different kinds of handling and some are more complicated than others. Plus, the size of the event refers to how many people will be attending the event.


Sevenue Company



Sevenue is a Virtual and Hybrid Event company that can bring the vision to life – whatever the marketing event it may be. Whether customer are planning a virtual or on-ground gathering, planning a marketing event with Sevenue can help accomplish anything customers desire. Due to the popularity of virtualization, Sevenue offers cutting-edge technology and services to provide the best event for everyone.

From the detailed planning, provision of support and extensive consultation, Sevenue and their fully-staffed team of experts provide services to both traditional events and even state-of-the-art virtual events. With its innovative and creative eye for events management, Sevenue dedicates its service to providing fully-customizable packages that fully bring out engagement to bring the best experience to everyone.


YOLO Event Company KL


YOLO is an event marketing management company that focuses more on helping brands and companies of all kinds make a stronger impact in their industry towards their target audiences. YOLO will make sure to integrate the use of vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste and emotion. YOLO know how to deliver the event whether client company is in the technology, fashion, retail, travel or luxury industry.

YOLO have the digital tech nerds that are the masters at creating virtual events such as talk shows, products launches or online training. They, along with their creatives and producers, YOLO also will make sure to provide the best virtual environments through their use of backdrops, tools and the virtual stagings.


Pulse Asia Company


Pulse Asia is an event marketing management company that specializes in corporate events with businesses no matter how big or small. Pulse Asia have worked with big-name companies like AirAsia, eBay and Samsung, and the events ends with successful and unforgettable ones for clients. Plus, Pulse Asia will make the goal to make the event as interactive and engaging as possible.

The goals of Pulse Asia marketing events are to inspire and engage clients participants so they work closely with clients to find out how to by getting to know clients target audience. Pulse Asia begins strategic planning and concept design and it is the best way to go to achieve global reach, seamless networking, and reduced costs.


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