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Water Tank Supplier

Reliance Pacific Tanks Sdn Bhd provides you wtih Water Tank Supplier

Water Tank Supplier

Established in 1997, Reliance Pacific Tanks Sdn Bhd is a market leader in the manufacturing and service of water tanks for Malaysia’s booming construction industry. Our success may be credited to a strong group of 60 dedicated employees, and we have provided water tank supplier to over 800 construction companies, both large and small.

The company has established a solid reputation for high-quality items as it has expanded from strength to strength. We understand the value of developing and sustaining strong business relationships, and we will continue to give outstanding service to our customers. We are convinced that our commitments to the rest of the globe will be fulfilled thanks to the implementation of the Business Development Program. As a result, it is one of the Water Tank Supplier services that can be used by anyone.

FRP Sectional Panel Water Tanks are hot pressed Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic water tanks that were first introduced in the early 1970s and offer numerous benefits over other types of tanks currently in use. Reliance Pacific Tanks provide the ideal system for storing clean drinking water in all extremes of the worksite. Water is essential to our everyday lives, as we all know, but it bears repeating: it is used for drinking, cooking, washing, and cleaning, as well as for industrial and commercial purposes. With rising demand year after year, supply management and conservation are becoming increasingly important, as are the highest standards of purity of the delivered items.

Aside from that, the Water Tank Supplier is a service that conserves water to the highest quality standards, serving the needs of private residences, accommodation complexes, hospitals, hotels, and offices, as well as industrial, municipal, and irrigation projects that require large-scale water storage.

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