Why Choose Tudung Chiffon?

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What is a chiffon? It is made of silk, cotton and synthetic fiber. Because of its translucent nature (usually transposed) chiffon is coated with lining cloth either from satin fabric or other inner lining. Its soft texture is also accompanied by a single color, a combination of 2 or more colors whether light or soft. MyPapillon has a dedicated category which is named the Chiffon Series. Tudung chiffon is made of chiffon georgette, it is a simple, minimal, high quality piece with beautiful drape and flow. This soft textured chiffon is flowy and easy to care for with minimal ironing needed. It is a light, soft and semi-sheer fabric.  It comes with bullet cutting, with one curved end and one straight end – for maximum style options and full coverage. Delicate in appearance with soft feminine drapes which feature a slight texture which makes it easy to style as head scarves and perfect for everyday use. It is finished in a delicate baby hem and with MyPapillon metal logo. Finally, it may be concluded that chiffon is a soft and flowing fabric which drapes elegantly making it so perfect for hijabs. It has cooling effect and also a good insulator so provides warmth when needed. Flawless awning for a wide shawl can be achieved since it is not slippery like synthetic fibers. It is a great choice because it is easier in terms of care and also in terms of budget it is cheaper than silk chiffon. The care is easy and can be washed with water. Therefore, tudung chiffon is absolutely a must buy for many Muslim women.


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