Yoni Massage Singapore

Yoni is viewed from the perspective of sex and worshipped

Yoni Massage Singapore

Yoni is the Sanskrit word of the vulva, which can be abbreviated as sacred “space” or “Hall”. Yoni is viewed from the perspective of sex and worshipped. It is particularly important for men to learn all these methods.

Before starting Yoni massage Singapore, it is very important to create a physical and mental relaxation space for women (customers). This will make it easier for him to enter a highly excited state and make her orgasm happier. Her partner (the massager) will experience the enjoyment of giving happiness and witness a special moment. Yoni massage Singapore can also be used as a form of “safe sex” and an excellent activity to build trust and intimacy. In addition, some masseuses and sex therapists use it to help women break through sexual blocks and trauma.

The purpose of Yoni massage Singapore is not only to bring women (customers) to orgasm, although the continuous happiness of orgasm is a side effect that women (customers) like, and the purpose is not so. From this point of view, both the receiver and the giver can relax and do not have to worry about accomplishing any purpose. When orgasm occurs, the giver does not expect anything in return, so that the recipient can enjoy massage and let go of herself.

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